Summer Reading Program

Read, Renew, Repeat!

This years theme features the idea of conservation. Conservation means protecting species from extinction, maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services, and protecting biological local diversity. And hey, did you know that by sharing books at the library, you're also helping to save trees? It's all part of our fun and eco-friendly journey to a greener, brighter future!


Children's Program

How it works

Join our summer reading program and choose how much YOU want to read this summer. Challenge yourself or choose a comfortable goal; flexibility is key! Track your progress however you like, then bring your calendar to the library for prizes once you've reached your goal(s). Keep the reading momentum going into July by continuing with your current goal or setting a new one. Remember, reading is all about fun! Even if you don't reach your goal, it's okay - the journey matters. Librarians champion all forms of reading, including audio books and graphic novels. At the program's end, every participant, completed calendar or not, earns an entry into our grand prize drawing.

A message for grown-ups

Our summer reading program is intended to instill a love of reading in our kids and to understand that reading can be fun. Encourage your child to set their own goals, praise their progress, and talk about what books they like and don't like. We understand that some goals may not be accomplished during the program's time frame. If your child doesn't reach their goal, that's okay! Goal-setting and goal achievement is a learning process. Our intention is to keep them reading and have fun doing it. When the program ends, all children who turn in their calendars, completed or not, will receive an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Questions? Call the Youth Services Desk: 262-375-7640 ext. 110

Children's Registration Form

Printable Pre-reader Log (Infant - 5 years)

Printable School Age Reading Log (Ages 5 - 11)


Young Adult Program

The young adult program is for readers in grades 6 - 12, ages 11 - 18. Just like the children's program, young adults get to set their own reading goal. Earn prizes and enter to win one of two grand prize baskets. Redeem prizes at the information desk on the second floor.

Questions? Call the Adult Services Desk: 262-375-7640 ext. 200

Young Adult Registration Form

Printable Young Adult Reading Log (Ages 11 - 17)

Adult Programs

June 1 – July 31

*Registration Begins June 1st

Get ready to hit the jackpot with our Adult Summer Reading Bingo! Our library is hosting the ultimate reading challenge for all bookworms and bingo enthusiasts. We've filled our bingo sheets with exciting reading prompts that will take you on a wild literary adventure. Whether you're lounging poolside or enjoying a lazy summer afternoon, grab a book and start checking off those squares. With each completed bingo, you'll earn bragging rights and a ticket to enter into our weekly and grand prize drawings. So grab your reading glasses, get cozy, and let's play some bingo!

Completed our initial Reading Challenge Bingo card and looking for an extra challenge? Try our Extreme Bingo for an even more exhilarating experience!

Good luck, and happy reading!

Registration for Adults:

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Questions? Call the Adult Services Desk: 262-375-7640 ext. 200.